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About VistaQuote

The Aviation Aftermarket Sector has seen two consistent issues: one is that aviation business are losing money because they are unable to keep up with the high volume of request for quotes (RFQs). Typically, aviation sales people are simply overwhelmed with paperwork and RFQs are buried in a cloud of emails resulting in an inability to process them on a timely basis causing poor customer service.
Second, there are so many aviation parts trading marketplaces, otherwise known as listing services, it has become virtually impossible for these individuals and the companies they serve to manage block lists, upload current inventories or deal with the wide range of RFQ formats, account passwords or other paperwork related minutiae that is inherent in managing multiple customers/accounts. This led to the creation of VistaQuote℠, an all-encompassing solution that optimizes the quoting process, streamlines data flow and centralizes all parts requirement requests into one simple, unified platform. This unique application offers a new way to process quotes in the Cloud. This ubiquitous approach allows aviation business parts providers to process inbound Requests for Quotes (RFQs) in a fast and efficient manner so that parts sales and service specialists can benefit from its rapid time and cost saving features without ever having to become IT industry experts.

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All RFQs are read into a standard format for faster more efficient processing


Work better within your salesteam with automated routing and alerts. No duplication so worked RFQs are filtered off grids.


Plan better with insights to part demands and true win rates. Reporting and analytics across marketplaces gives you the strategic advantage.


Work even when you aren't with automated quoting and no quotes. Don't miss opportunities when requests for hot parts come in after hours. Set up automated quotes to respond on your behalf.

Quote Like You Always Have, Or Quote Through VistaQuote


Paul Stewart

CEO - Ambry Hill Technologies

A well known consultant in the Aviation Aftermarket Industry with over 20 years in business operations and software technology he has a nack for innovative approaches to solving daily business problems. Paul founded Ambry Hill Technologies (AHT) because of a deep-seated belief that the Aviation Aftermarket Industry is ready for a simplified, user friendly and intuitive business software solution that helps solve one essential problem: An unmanageable volume of request for quotes (RFQs) caused by decentralized and non-standardized inventory marketing platforms. Based on this insight, he believes the industry is in desperate need of a software provider who can solve this logistical roadblock and is genuinely interested in customer success. As CEO of Ambry Hill Technologies, and as a cheerleader for Aviation Aftermarket Industry innovation, he is the driving force behind the disruptive and cutting-edge software solutions that AHT offers.

Malkesh Mangukiya

Director of Software Technology - Ambry Hill Technologies

As a leading .Net developer Malkesh comes to Ambry Hill Technologies with a rich background. He earned a bachelor in computer application in 2004 and Masters in Business Administration in 2006. He has dedicated his career to mastering Microsoft technologies in a hosted environment including Visual Basic 6 and .Net as well as MS SQL, MySQL and other leading database architectures. His accomplishments include the creation of complete CRM solutions to dynamic multi-thread web technologies and now the ground breaking technology of VistaQuote. Malkesh is the key technology driver and architect behind the cutting edge Aviation Software called VistaQuote. His expertise and leadership will continue to have a positive impact on the operation of Aviation Aftermarket Businesses all over the world and is a key driver of Ambry Hill Technologies ability to delivery cutting edge products, the likes of which the industry has never seen.